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Top 5 Plus Size Winter Coats to Rock This Season

Written by: Snow Country Outerwear



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Winter is upon us, and it’s time to bundle up! However, finding a plus size winter coat that is both flattering and functional can sometimes be a challenge. Whether you’re hitting the slopes, venturing out for a winter walk, or just running errands in the chilly weather, it’s important to have a coat that fits well, keeps you warm, and looks great. 


That's where Snow Country Outerwear comes in. We specialize in winter coats designed specifically for plus-sized women, ranging from size 1X to 6X, ensuring a perfect fit for all.

The Importance of a Good Winter Coat

A good plus size winter coat is an essential part of your wardrobe. It needs to be warm enough to protect you from the freezing temperatures, wind, and snow. But it also needs to be comfortable and stylish. After all, your coat is often the first thing people see when you step outside.

Many plus-sized women find it challenging to find a coat that fits well and looks good. Some coats may be too tight in some areas and too loose in others. Others may not provide enough warmth or may not be suitable for certain outdoor activities. Snow Country Outerwear has addressed all these issues with our collection of plus size winter coats, designed to keep you warm, dry, and fabulous all winter long.


After putting several jackets to the test, the Snow Country Outerwear Moonlight Jacket undoubtedly stood out as a top pick. 


Designed to cater to sizes from 1X to 6X, this jacket is a game-changer for embracing curves and conquering the snow with confidence. The light to medium weight insulation is a well-thought-out feature, retaining body heat without feeling too bulky - a perfect balance of warmth and mobility. 


The fashionable color block design adds a stylish touch, proving you can take on this winter with style.


 With strategically placed pockets, an insulated removable hood, and special features like ninja cuffs, a technical snow skirt, and a DWR coating, this jacket goes above and beyond to elevate the winter experience. 


With a length of 30.5 inches from the back of the hood to the bottom in size 3X, it offers perfect coverage and a flattering fit. Overall, the Moonlight Jacket from Snow Country Outerwear is an essential piece for any winter adventure.

2. Plus Size Quilted Savvy Long Jacket 1X-6X

The Quilted Savvy Long Jacket is a prime example of a plus size winter coat that excels in all aspects. 


This classic piece, with its light weight polyfil quilted parka and DWR coating, promises warmth and style without the bulk. 


The attached hood, zippered front pockets, adjustable drawcord at the waist, and rounded detailing on the bottom edges make it ideal for various outdoor activities. 


The material, a blend of poly twill, ensures durability and resistance to wear and tear. 


With a length of 34 inches from the back of the collar to the bottom in size 3X, this jacket provides ample coverage and a flattering silhouette. 


Overall, the Quilted Savvy Long Jacket is a versatile and essential addition to any winter wardrobe.

3. Plus Size Fortress Winter Coat 1X-6X

The Fortress Winter Coat by Snow Country Outerwear is a masterclass in blending functionality with style. 


Specifically designed for plus sizes ranging from 1X to 6X, this jacket ensures a perfect fit for every curve.


 The 10k waterproofing and breathability, coupled with 140 grams of insulation, guarantees to keep you warm and dry in the harshest winter conditions. 


The technical snow skirt, pit zips, and multiple pockets, including a goggle pocket, are features that showcase the thoughtfulness that went into the design of this jacket. The adjustable and removable hood, combined with a cozy fleece-lined collar, adds a touch of luxury and versatility. 


The material, a blend of poly twill, ensures durability while the DWR coating keeps moisture at bay. 


With a length of 32 inches from the back of the collar to the bottom in size 3X, the Fortress Jacket offers a flattering and functional fit.


 In conclusion, the Fortress Jacket is a top-notch choice for anyone seeking a durable, stylish, and feature-packed plus size winter coat.


The Alps 3-in-1 Jacket from Snow Country Outerwear is nothing short of fabulous. 


This medium-weight marvel offers the versatility of three jackets in one, meeting all your winter style needs. 


The waterproof and breathable features make it suitable for a variety of winter activities, from skiing and snowboarding to playing in the snow or running errands in town. 


The removable faux down liner is a genius addition, allowing you to mix and match styles while keeping warm.


 With a material blend of 10k wpb poly twill and a 400t poly liner, this jacket guarantees ultimate winter comfort. 


The critical taped seam shell, thermal mesh lining, adjustable cuffs, and multiple pockets are practical perks that make this jacket a standout choice.


 Measuring 30.25 inches from the back of the collar to the bottom in size 3X, the Alps Jacket is a versatile and stylish option for any winter wardrobe.

5. Plus Size The Aspen Winter Coat

The Aspen Jacket is a renowned bestseller and for good reason. This synthetic down parka offers a chic and technical design, accommodating real U.S. sizes from 1X to 6X. 


The oversized hood, snow skirt, DWR coating, pit zips, and removable features make it perfect for winter sports enthusiasts and fashionistas alike. 


The thermal mesh lining and synthetic insulation ensure body heat is retained, while the pit zips allow for temperature regulation. 


The ninja cuffs, audio pocket, and removable insulated hood with faux fur trim add style and practicality to this already impressive jacket. 


Made from wpb poly twill, the Aspen Jacket provides ultimate winter comfort. With a length of 32 inches from the back of the collar to the bottom of the jacket in size 3X, it offers a flattering and functional fit. 


All in all, the Aspen Jacket is a top choice for those seeking a blend of style, comfort, and technical features.

Concluding Thoughts

After a comprehensive examination of various plus size winter coats, we have meticulously selected the top five options that excel in both style and functionality. 


We firmly believe that Snow Country Outerwear is at the forefront of delivering exceptional quality winter coats specifically designed for plus-sized women. 


The Moonlight, Alps, Aspen, Savvy, and Fortress jackets all embody the perfect blend of technical features, comfort, and style. From the water-resistant DWR coating to the adjustable cuffs, thermal mesh lining, and convenient pockets, each jacket is thoughtfully crafted to enhance your winter experience. 


Moreover, the fashionable designs, inclusive sizing, and versatility of these jackets make them a must-have addition to your winter wardrobe. 


Remember, the ideal plus-size winter coat is not just about staying warm; it is about feeling confident and looking fabulous while conquering the winter elements. 


When it is time to invest in a new plus-size winter coat, Snow Country Outerwear is here to offer a remarkable range of options that cater to every need, ensuring you stay cozy, stylish, and confident all season long.